Who we are

coffee-fellowshipWe are all the people of God by creation, no matter what race, culture, or background we are, but we can become the children of God by re-creation.

“For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God;” Rom. 3:23.

We lost our position and power when sin entered in the Garden of Eden, and the level of our position determines the level of our power; by DIVINE INTERVENTION, our lost position is back through Jesus Christ.

At God’s Family Church, we believe in equipping believers to walk in the authority given to them by Christ and reach out to the lost to bring them back to their proper position. We are family and have open arms to welcome you into our family; we look forward to you worshipping with us.



  • Pastor Don Discullio
  • Pastor Toyin Arogundade
  • Deaconess Patricia O. Abdulkarim
  • Deacon Daniel Nyumah
  • Deaconess Modupeola Aina