Your Future Is Bright - Matthew 5:16

Your future depends of on three factors:

  1. Hope,
  2. Faith,
  3. and Love.

Hope is the "blue print" of faith.

We need hope to live,
We need faith to make a living,
We love for our faith to work.

Abraham is the father of faith; but jesus is the author and the finisher of our faith, jesus is the faith finder is not a fault finder.

The word of God brings conviction for repentance not condemnation for judgement.

When you know the lord, your past is gone, you become a new creature, you are the light of the word (Matthew 5:16)

4 things about light:

  1. Light shinnes at all times,
  2. Light shinnes brighter in darkness,
  3. Light shinnes above,
  4. Light doesn’t shinne alone.
  • In the Old Testament; God is for us,
  • In the Gospel (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John), God is with us,
  • In this time God is in us.

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