When You’re Discouraged And Ready To Give Up, Here’s What You Should Do! – Pt.III

When You Re Discouraged pt2

Do you remember the first time the Word of God shot through your being like a bolt of lightning? You saw the truth, and it brought perfect order out of the chaos in your life! When you get discouraged and are tempted to give up — when times are tough and your faith isn’t finding its fulfillment as quickly as you desire — you must decide to put everything on hold.

Tell your mind to be silent; command your emotions to be stilled; and remember when you were first illuminated to the truths of God’s Word. That is precisely why Hebrews 10:32 urges us, “But call to remembrance the former days, in which, after ye were illuminated…” The words “former days” is from the Greek word proteron. This word points the readers back to earlier times when they first met the Lord and when they were filled to overflowing
with joy, hope, and faith.

But now, years have passed. These believers have gone through a lot of struggles, and weariness has set in. Many of their prayers remain unanswered; the devil is telling them that none of the answers they are waiting to see manifested will ever come to pass; and they are tempted to quit.

Sometimes when you are discouraged, it’s good to hit the rewind button in your mind and drift backward to earlier experiences with the Lord when faith was simple and life was uncomplicated.

In light of these Greek words, Hebrews 10:32 conveys this idea: “You need to remember and never forget what it was like back in the early days … "Your divine calling, your God-given dream, must be an illumination in your heart that you can call to remembrance over and over again".

My confession for today: "I boldly confess that discouragement has no place in me! God’s Word is true; the devil is a liar; and my circumstances are not permanent. And with God’s power, I will rise above the situations I face today! I decide it; I declare it; and I pronounce it to be true!".

Deuteronomy 8 - Psalm 91 - Isaiah 36 - Revelation 6

- Paul Fakunle

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