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Welcome to God’s Family Church – the church of all nations! We're glad that you could come and worship God’s risen Son with us. We hope that God has touched your life as we worshipped side by side and pray that you left with the peace of God inside of you.

We want to extend this invitation for you to become a part of our church family. You are valued by the Lord and He has a purpose for you! He's placed within you special gifts and talents He longs for you to use. We, as a church, would love to see you grow within your gifts, for then we all can receive a blessing with what God has blessed you with.

If you have needs, and want someone to listen and pray, we're here for you with open hearts and God's love to give away. Please review our Frequently Asked Questions (insert link here) for more information about our church.

Our senior Pastor is Reverend Dr Paul Fakunle. His office hours are (insert here). Our church service hours are (insert here).

Service Times
Service – 9:30am
Monday – Friday
Prayer – 12 noon
Bible Study – 10am & 7pm
Prayer Warrior – 7pm
Last Friday of every month
Deliverance Night 8pm
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