Resurrection And Religion Pt.1 Luke: 20:27-47

Resurrection And Religion

There will be a resurrection for God's people. There will also be a resurrection for the sinner. Many are interested as to what will happen in the resurrection. The Bible tells us some details, although many things are not told. Christians should not be as concerned about the future as they are about the present.


  1. Resurrection - v. 27.

    Jesus is questioned as to what will happen after the resurrection ;

  2. Reunited - vv. 28-33.

    If a woman's husband dies and she is remarried six times, which of the seven men will be her husband in heaven? ;

  3. Reasoning - vv. 34-36.

    Jesus reasons with the people, saying in heaven there will be no marriage. There will be no husband/wife relationship. We will be as the angels ;

  4. Rejoicing - vv. 37-38.

    There will be life after death. For the Christian, eternal life. For the sinner, it will be eternal doom - eternal separation from God.